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A collection for creating tasteful designs, bold looks to give your interior real character and form. On walls or ceilings, with or without integrated lighting, these features form the basis for a completely new 3D experience.

Bare, flat walls are transformed into a dynamic story of curves, movement, light and shade, imposing and powerful, yet with a subtle elegance.

Use your creativity to make compositions that command respect, according to your own taste and style, irrespective of type and architecture. Give the walls and ceilings their own unique three-dimensional design. All it takes is inventiveness, taste and a little daring.

The Ulf Moritz Collection comprises twelve elements for thousands of compositions.  The collection forms part of the Orac Decor® range and consists of 12 models varying from panel mouldings, cornice, moulding, skirting and indirect cove lighting to smaller and organically shaped ornaments. All can be used individually in your interior, in a variety of ways.

Be creative!  The only limit is your own imagination.

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