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Without skirting, the transition from floor to wall looks unfinished and bare and allows walls to be easily damaged. Skirting is more than just decoration. It protects the wall, hides cracks and sometimes also covers expansion areas for parquet floors.

Orac Decor® skirtings are also waterproof and paintable and all styles offer an additional advantage: they have cable ducting to conceal and run cables.

Give your walls and doors a refreshing new look with our range of skirting boards and panels that are knock-proof in various styles to suit all tastes - pre-primed and easy to install, just apply adhesive to the back and push into place! 

Create decorative, stacked and curved layers for added ambience, flexible range for curved walls. 

Maintenance free.

New Release!  DX171      200 L x 10  H x 2.2 W cm

 The new SX171 cover skirting has been manufactured to be fitted on top of an existing skirting board (max.1,4 x 8,8cm). To remove skirting boards that are old or difficult to remove, or for hiding electricity cables out of sight.

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