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  Technical Profiles

Our products help improve your health and well-being

  • Our products help improve interior air quality, made from synthetic materials they have no VOC's or CFC's.
  • Manufacturing uses renewable energy sources, wind power and solar energy.
  • Installation is dust free, unlike traditional plaster dust which causes Silicosis  (Pg 4) a fatal disease.
  •  The products are sustainable, recyclable  using a zero waste policy at the point of manufacture.
  • Earth friendly, we do not cut down any trees.
Technical Data Sheets, Luxxus,  Axxent, AS 1366 (4.3 Pg 23):

Discover why 60% of European builders use Orac Décor  decorative mouldings

 For 30 breath-taking years Orac Décor has been the benchmark for creativity, innovation and inspired quality in the world of European interior decorating for homes and commercial fit-out . Now, in Australia, we’re about to discover why.  Read more...

Orac Décor products are creative:

  • Winner of numerous prestigious industry awards for design, including the AIT 'Trends 2013' for the most innovative product with best presentation out of 2700 exhibitors.
  • The Ulf Moritz collection –“Daring is essential if you want to make beauty a reality.”
  • Designs that recreate the grandeur of the past in the materials of the future. 

Orac Décor products are innovative:

  •  Lightweight, durable, and elegant
  •  Waterproof - no splitting, rotting or swelling
  • Easy to install. One person can do it – no plaster or nails required
  • VOC free – breathe the difference; breathe health and wellbeing 

Orac Décor products are sustainable:

  • ‘Zero Waste’ means all products are 100% recyclable.
  • Green’ production policy – extensive use of solar and wind power
  • No VOC's (toxic gases); no CFCs 

Over the past 30 years, Orac Décor has changed the way Europe thinks about interior design...and about how much it should cost.

The Orac Decor Range

The extensive range of Orac Décor synthetic moldings combines design excellence, material integrity and environmental benefit in one affordable package. The Orac Décor product list includes:

  • cornice
  • dado and panel moldings
  • architraves 
  • skirting boards
  •  cove lighting
  • multi-functional profiles
  • distinctive architraves
  • pilasters and rosettes
  • many more design elements and accessories

The Orac Decor Collections

Luxxus:          LUXURIOUS

Hand milled for excellence, these exquisite styles are made from hardened Polyurethane, a material with excellent definition and installation properties. Think – royalty, classic design blended with contemporary edge, the best of all possible worlds.  Brochure

Axxent:          STYLISH and INNOVATIVE

                              Made from Duropolymer, water and impact resistant material, 100% recyclable. A contemporary range of multi-functional profiles; a world of decorating solutions. 

Exterio:          THE OUTDOOR RANGE

                               Rugged, beautiful, maintenance free - for decades.


All products are made from high-quality polymers, combining the strength and useability of synthetic materials, with the look and feel of wood or plaster. Primed and ready for a finishing coat.

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Technical information on materials and adhesives

Warranty and ISO 14001 certificate

Green Production - As the world leader in high quality architectural moldings, Orac has invested substantially to reduce their carbon footprint.  Solar energy provides a large part of the energy needed to produce the products.  All Duropolymer products are 100% recyclable.  None of the products contain toxic gases and all of the products are produced without CFCs.  Waste material is returned to a granular form and used to produce new products.

60% of European Master Builders can’t be wrong!


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