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New Classics by Orac Decor®

Want a little more oomph? Yes, please! We love lavishly decorated houses and regal interiors. Orac Decor® has distilled the highlights of baroque tradition into a new classic concept: Ba'rock, a nod to the daring and somewhat unusual side of decorative ornamentation.

From the impressive Winter Palace in St Petersburg to lush interiors in which Marie Antoinette would immediately feel at home: the Baroque has given us a beautiful legacy. The abundance of decorative features and frills give your interior finish added value these days. Discover how you can make an original combination of traditional decorative elements to make a room hip and luxurious.


More is more

Classic decorations can also round off that corner. By adopting a creative approach, you can transform traditional ornaments into a contemporary and stylish total picture. The Ba'rock range provides interior classics with a healthy dose of luxury. Richly decorated profiles take your interior to the next level.

Combine the Ba'rock ornamentation with traditional decorative elements to give a space extra cachet. The simple installation and almost unlimited possibilities of our New Classics do the rest.

baroque architecture - Orac Decor®
baroque architecture - Orac Decor®
P3020   |  P3020A  |  C338B BA'ROCK  |  W130 CHEVRON

The sky is the limit

Just as Baroque buildings often contain surprising elements, Orac Decor® gives you all the tools so that you can unleash your own creativity. The sumptuous decoration of Ba'rock provides a solid foundation. Your approach does the rest.

Don't hold back. Yes, the sky is the limit. Use the ornamentation as a subtle accent or as an explicit eye catcher. However you approach it, every visitor will notice the difference. And your walls will immediately enjoy a dose of extra character.

baroque architecture - Orac Decor® P3020   |  P3020A  

Wall decoration with functional attributes

Wall decoration must be beautiful. Naturally. Firstly, you want to use it to give your rooms an amazing look. If there are any additional benefits to be had, then naturally, they are most welcome. That is why the ornamentation from the Ba'rock collection has been developed with a view to extra functionality.

In addition to a lush and luxurious touch for your interior, the Chevron wall panel also gives you better acoustics. Are you not completely convinced for any reason? Then, there is also the thermal added value. Reasons enough to give your interior a boost.

baroque architecture - Orac Decor® - W130 Chevron
baroque architecture - Orac Decor® - W130 Chevron

Go for more with the Ba'rock ornamentation and your own unbridled creativity. Discover the collection and let yourself be inspired by the possibilities.

Discover the Ba'rock collection


  1. C338 BA'ROCK
    C338 BA'ROCK

    L 200 x H 18.4 x W 18.4 cmPurotouch® ‎



  1. W130 CHEVRON
    W130 CHEVRON

    L 200 x H 2 x W 40 cmPurotouch® ‎



  1. SX118 CONTOUR

    L 200 x H 13.8 x W 1.8 cmDuropolymer® ‎

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