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Powder Coated Skirting

Available in powder coated colours Corten & Micaceous Grey.

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BA 600 A Powder Coated Skirting

Skirting BA 600 A Powder Coated Skirting
Metal or PVC wall skirting boards to fix either with glue, screws or nails.  It is easy to install for an elegant and lasting finish.  The profile contoured ends and give a snug fit on the wall covering over the bottom perimeter along the dilation gap joint, thus ensuring the necessary expansion movement to the floor.

BA 600    BA 600

  H=cm  Profile Code  Profile Code
6cm Powder Coated Colour Micaceous Grey      BA 600 A 50
6cm Powder Coated Colour Corten BA 600 A 60


Powder coated aluminium laquered with a 60 microns polyester powder base varnish paint.  Universal external corner, internal corner and end-cap.

Material:  Extruded powder coated aluminium
Length: 2 metres
Height: 6cm
Colours:  Corten & Micaceous Grey

    Also available in BA 600 ASN Silver Anodised Aluminium and BA 600 Aluminium texture

Dimension: 2.00 metres L x 4cm H

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Skirting BI 700 & BI1000

Skirting BI700 Powder Coated Alumium

Skirting BI 700 &1000 ASN Silver Anodised Aluminium-interlocking H 7cm & 10cm
H=cm Finish Product Code
7cm Powder Coated Aluminium RAL colour reference BI 700
10cm Powder Coated Aluminium RAL colour reference BI 1000
Supports   BIS 20 ANF

Skirting BI 700 Powder Coated Alumium Interlocking H=7cm
& H=10cm
This skiring board is also available powder coated with RAL colour reference and anodised silver aluminium. Relevant pre-drilled interlock-pieces (2 pcs per meter) to be purchased separately, code BIS 20 ANF.  Available junctions and endplugs in synthetic resin Silver colour. 


Material: Extruded Anodised Aluminium
Colour: RAL colour reference
Length: 2.00 metres

End Caps and Junctions for skirting BI 700 & BI 1000
Description Product Code
Internal Corner BII *PS
External Corneer BIE * PS
End Cap BIT * PS

End-caps, internal and external junctions in synthetic resin with the same Silver colour, to make proper and neat junctions.  Available in 7cm height.

Materal:  Polypropylene
Colour:   RAL colour reference
Height:  7cm
Dimension: 2.00 metres L x (7cm H) & (10cm H)

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