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Need convincing?

We understand that you may have some reservations about these products if you have never used or heard of them before. 

Orac Decor European interior styling products have been manufactured in Europe for more than 30 years.  Whilst relatively new to Australia, 60% of European builders now specify these products - and with good reason. 

They have been fitted to many of the top hotels, restaurants and developments worldwide; the Savoy, Hilton and Intercontinental chain of hotels for example have used them extensively.
Here's why - view the list of advantages.


"I was very impressed with the cornice. I have in the past used plaster type cornice and tend to be old school in this respect. That is until now. The Orac decorative coving is the business. So light, requiring only one person to carry out installation. Easy to manage, cut and manipulate into position. Adhesive is also easy to use, but joints do need to be wiped as soon as possible. To say the least, I am very pleased with the results. I have been a little sceptical of this type of produce in the past, but once I got to actually see it and hold it (went along to Coulsdon Home Hardware) I was sold on it.  A cracking good product, I will be using this again and writing a review'
 Thank you very much for the excellent support and customer service. I am glad we chose you over your coving competitors and will gladly recommend you in the future.
 “Very, Very Helpful. You cannot beat the service and quality this company provided. Will be using again when next stage of home needs changing. Many Thanks"
“Many thanks, service and style are great. Seldom have I received better service."
"Excellent coving, much easier than plaster, whole room done in a couple of hours"
"Excellent overall: the goods, delivery time, communication, packaging etc.  As a total package of goods for anyone wanting to put up coving for the first time this is a must."

To summarise, have a look at the table below which outlines the numerous advantages: 

Innovative Features
·         Water resistant, for use in wet or dry areas
·         Duropolymer® is knockproof
·         Insect resistant
·         Duropolymer® and Purotouch® are light-weight compared with plaster and wooden mouldings
·         Duropolymer® will not crack, dent, peel, swell, split, rot or dimple
·         Time-saving no cracks or shrinkage, pre-painted smooth surfaces do not absorb paint
·         Cuts, drills and sands like wood or plaster using standard tools
·         ORAC FLEX® cornices and skirting boards bend effortlessly with every curve. Blend matching straight with flexible mouldings
·         Concealed lighting options
·         Designs discreetly conceal cables and faults
·         Online 3D imaging available for download

ORAC DECOR® products can be used for interior and exterior applications and in damp environments. To glue exterior mouldings, proceed exactly as for interior applications, but replace the DecoFix Pro adhesive product with DecoFix Hydro.
·         With the exception of occasional cleaning and painting the ORAC DECOR® collection does not require any further maintenance.
·         Duropolymer® does not deteriorate and is resistant to most common solvents and moisture
·         Shock and splitting resistant
·         Dimensionally stable and will not alter over time
·         Humidity has no influence on the mechanical properties
·         UV stable after final painting for exterior use
·         Better value when you take into account the long-term maintenance of wood
The ORAC DECOR® collection is a high-quality, solution-oriented range of mouldings. The complete range helps skilled decorators to deliver first class work at an affordable price.
·         Over 350 profile designs across all budgets
·         For use indoors or out
·         Easy to cut, lift and transport
·         Ready to fit corner profiles available on Axxent codes CX100 & CX101 for effortless installation
·         No dust during installation
·         Light-weight material reduces the structural weight across large or lowered ceilings
·         Installation easily completed by one person
·         Multi-functional product design, cornice, panel and skirting moulding can be combined to create inspiring interiors
·         Ready for immediate use
ORAC DECOR®’s long history and success can be attributed to the seamless integration of aesthetic design and functionality with manufacturing innovation.
·         Designed to conceals faults and cables
·         All profiles are multifunctional - panel mouldings, door frames and skirting can be used to create an infinite range of possibilities and solutions.
·         ORAC FLEX® innovative design concepts for curved walls
·         LED lighting integrates easily into skirting profiles
·         Lighting profiles come with purpose designed light fittings
·         Acoustically neutral
Manufacturing Innovation
ORAC DECOR® is the pioneer of new, innovative manufacturing features which include:
·         Pre-primed mouldings
·         Pre-selected paint finishes can be applied during manufacture
·         Country and job specific fire retardant can be applied during manufacture
·         High pressure moulds produce sharper lines and perfect definition.
·         Integrated V-fix channels for easy gluing
·         Decofix jointing adhesive welds joints seamlessly
·         Consistent quality, no shrinkage
·         Green production, zero waste
·         100% recyclable

No heavy tools are needed Duropolymer® and Purotouch® are easily installed by one person saving time and money. Duropolymer® is a fraction of the weight of traditional plaster or wooden mouldings making them easy to install, carry and transport. Ideal for high-rise lift access. Non toxic, no dust and less mess, foam dust is inert, in other words, they are extraordinarily user-friendly.
Safety Features
User-friendly products provide endless possibilities in terms of atmosphere, character and most of all, originality.
·         ORAC DECOR® mouldings and ornaments are unbreakable
·         Light-weight
·         Duropolymer® contains no toxic materials
·         Asbestos free
·         No Cyanides
·         Duropolymer® foam dust is inert
·         Data Sheets available online
·         Technical specifications available online
·         ORAC DECOR® Duropolymer® conforms to the following norms and standards:
o    FDA regulation 21CFR 177.1640 (USA)
o    BGA Section 5.1 (Germany)
o    EC Directive EEC 90/128 (European Communities)
o    EN71 (European Communities)
BS 476:part 7 Class 1 (UK)

The revolutionary nature of the material and the modern moulding process enables a much sharper level of detail to be incorporated in the designs, making it perfect for the home where distinction and elegance is the theme. 

Weighing just a fraction of the weight of plaster, it is remarkably strong and resilient to knocks or damage on site or during installation. Consequently these mouldings are quick and easy to install (typically in around half the time compared to plaster, without the need for a second person). 

Nor are there the traditional difficulties, mess or wastage, saving the installer time and money. Furthermore there are none of the usual concerns about cracking or shrinkage normally associated with plaster - these ornaments will enhance the look of your home for many years to come. 

Pre-primed, ready to paint or stain to the desired finish effect (with only a single coat required), users are realising that without doubt this is now the new ‘traditional’ product material to replace plaster mouldings.

If you would like a hard copy of either the Luxxus, Axxent or Basixx brochures or a sample of the material, then please contact us.

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