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FAQs - including Use and Installation of our products

More detailed installation information is now on a new page about cutting and fitting coving and cornices. We also can arrange for training courses for installers or DIY enthusiasts.

More information about terms / delivery is on our contact page - view our full Terms & Conditions here.

What time will my goods be delivered?

Self-managed delivery, courier pick-up times for interstate and regional NSW are between 9am and 4pm Monday - Friday and require a signature. Couriers are to collect consigments from our warehouses in Ralph Street, Alexandria NSW 2015.  We will advise when your order is ready for collection.
a 20% handling fee is applicable if you require us to arrange freight delivery, insurance and a 2% credit card surcharge is payable.  Quotes prices are open for 24hours only.  You will have the benefit of serveral service delivery options to choose from, insurance is optional, see also Terms and Conditions

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What adhesive (and how much) do I need?

For all coving and panel mouldings (incl skirting boards), use Decofix Pro, (available in our Adhesives section).  This acts as both adhesive and as a (water based) filler and comes in a standard cartridge format ( FDP 500 - enough for approx 6-7 m) or a 2.7 litre tub ( FDP 600 - enough for approx 40-45m).
However we only recommend the use of Orac Extra Fix for all joins. When used correctly, this will give an unbreakable bond between the 2 sections thus preventing them pulling apart (caused by temperature or humidity variations that might result in expansion/contraction).   Available in a tube (FX210 - which covers up to 40m of coving) and a cartridge (FX200 - up to 150m of coving).

If any products are to be used externally,  in a humid environment, or on freshly plastrered walls please use Decofix Hydro ( FDP 700).

Please contact us - 1800 271 016 - for further help regarding adhesive types/quantities.

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When will my goods be delivered?

For stock items we aim to despatch by next working day courier (orders must be received by 2pm).

Special Orders for custom non-stock orders manufactured in Belgium to order are usually despatched within 4 working days.  Special Orders including freight must be fully paid in advance.
Option 1
DHL Express airfreight delivery 5 working days 
Option 2
DHL ETS service 5-10 working days.  Airfreight will be quoted, this includes sundry items  Duty, GST (on orders over $1,000), fuel and securtiy taxes. 
Option 3
Non-scheduled seafreight 6-8 weeks.
Option 4
Non-stock items with long lead times can be included as regular sea freight deliveries with lead times varying according to shipping schedules 6-8 week cycles.  Full payment is required before the order is placed.

HOWEVER PLEASE NOTE that whilst we make every effort to ensure the best service possible, on very rare occasions inventory shortages, shipping carrier delays or other factors may delay your shipment to you.  See Terms & Conditions

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How much does delivery cost?

Delivery costs are calculated on:
  • volumetric weight (L x W x H) cm or deadweight, uses the highest calculated volume
  • Postcodes from - to: local or international or a combination of both
  • Insurance (optional at the customer's request)
  • Delivery time will be proportional to freight costs, options available 
  • Surcharges will apply for Credit Card Payments
  • 20% handling fee if you would like us to arrange delivery for you.

For self-managed orders Regional NSW and and interstate customers will be advised when their orders are ready for collection from our warehouses in Alexandria, NSW 2015.

See Terms and Conditions.

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What do I use to cut coving with?

A standard, medium tooth, cross-cut saw is all that is required. Remember that the mitre box must have a sufficiently high backplate that is appropriate to the coving/cornice you are cutting.  Mitre boxes/chop saws designed for cutting/making picture frames aren't usually suitable.  

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How do you cut corner angles?

You will need a mitre box and medium tooth cross cut saw for this. The FB13 mitre box will cope with most of our coving but some profiles will require the larger FB300 or FB10 units -  check with us if unsure.  Please carefully study our installation guide for cutting coving using appropriate mitre box!  Start with an 'external' corner (because this is more noticeable) and work towards the internal corner.    Please remember to cut with care, measure twice and cut once for a perfect mitre angle. 

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What kind of paint and preparation should be used?

These products are very high quality and are delivered pre-primed. A slight sanding and cleaning of the mouldings before painting is strongly recommended in order to avoid all dust on the surface and ensure a good adhesion of the paint to the moulding. We advise you to use an acrylic based paint which has a degree of 'elasticity' such that it can absorb minute movements between wall and ceiling without the paint cracking.  Whilst standard water based emulsion can be used, you may find that small hairline cracks in the paint can occur later on with any ceiling/wall movement.

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Do you have a showroom?

Yes we have a new showroom open from 10am - 3pm Monday-Friday by appointment. A full range of samples and interior concepts are on view.

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What is the difference between the different ranges (e.gLuxxus, Axxent and Basixx)

Luxxus (plus contemporary and uplighting) is our premium range - there is no better quality product for coving and cornice than this.  It is manufactured by injecting polyurethane into an extremely high pressure mould, to give a perfect definition and finish.  It cuts perfectly without damage and is the easiest material for installation, looking exactly like plaster. 

Axxent is made by extrusion and gives a good price/quality ratio.  It is water, impact and insect resistant this makes it very suitable for skirting and architrave.

Basixx is a range of low cost elegant and affordable cornices.  Made from feather-light Durofoam, this mess free, pre-primed material is much faster than plaster and looks great.  Great for a makeover when price counts.

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Are your products plaster?

No! Much lighter, durable and faster to install than plaster!

Plaster is a very heavy and fragile material compared to our products (see the material benefits FAQ below).  Our profiles are made in an extremely light weight and durable material.  The appearance is like plaster, once installed it is impossible to see any difference.

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What is the difference between hardened polyurethane and plaster mouldings?

  Orac Decor & Axxent Plaster Mouldings
Weight Lightweight (only a few ounces), so no nailing or screwing to wall necessary Extremely Heavy
Strength Very strong and resilient to knocks Very fragile/easily broken and chipped
Installation Quick and easy Difficult and time-consuming
Labour Costs/Skills Easy DIY application (one person) Skilled labour necessary, 2-3 people
Painting Only 1 application (comes pre-primed) Several coats necessary due to plaster absorption
Appearance Impossible to distinguish from plaster "Making Good" required after installation
Delivery Direct to you, next day, ready to install Usually delivered "green", so needs to be left to dry for up to 2 weeks

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Will the cornice lengths crack or pull apart?

Unlike plaster mouldings, there will be no visible cracks in the joints or ceiling/wall mounting points if 'Extra fix' adhesive is used. This is a purpose designed adhesive specially created for Orac Décor products that 'welds'  joints seamlessley together. Eventual tensions that may occur later (due to heat or humidity changes etc) will be diverted along the entire length of the mouldings leaving the joints in a perfect condition

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What products are available in flexible material?

Most of the cornice and panel mouldings from the Orac Decor Luxxus collection are available in a flexible material, plus several of our skirting board profiles. Please see here for further details re installing flexible mouldings.

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What about fire regulations?

Our decorative mouldings comply with Australian New Zealand Building Standards, refer to Page 23 , Part 4.3.Decorative trims, architraves, skirtings and window components, provided they do not exceed 5% of the surface area of the wall or ceiling they are part of.   Mouldings are regarded as decorative rather than part of a building structure.
However if there is any chance that they will come into contact with open flame or a temperature in excess of 350 Celsius, they should be treated with a flame retardant paint. Please contact us for further details

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How do you install flexible mouldings?

Before purchasing a flexible cornice check the minimum radius for your choice of flexible profile will meet your specification in the online brochure page 100.  Depending on the height and thickness of the profile the flexibility will vary.

Before installation, read the installation guide for flexible mouldings.

If several 'ORAC FLEX' mouldings are required for a curvature or arch longer than 2 metres, the mouldings must be joined together first, before mounting to the wall. If the flexible mouldings are fitted to the wall individually, it is likely that they will not butt up against one another properly.

Lightly sand both ends of the ORAC FLEX mouldings first. Lay them end to end on a flat surface and then glue together using Orac ExtraFix joining adhesive. Because this adhesive also needs a certain setting time and the ORAC FLEX mouldings will be subjected to a certain amount of stress due to the curved substrate, it will be necessary to give the mouldings additional support when being fitted. This can be achieved using nails driven through the mouldings in the areas where the adhesive is applied once adequate placing has been achieved.

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How do you join flexible to hard mouldings?

Because Orac Flex mouldings cannot be sanded after production they are approximately 1 mm thicker. We therefore recommend that the flexible moulding(s) be installed first.
Afterwards you can install the standard Orac Decor moulding and adapt this moulding with the thickness of the DecofixPro adhesive to the Orac Flex moulding. In this way you will achieve a perfectly continuous joint between the Orac Flex moulding and the standard moulding.

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How much weight can your columns support?

Our columns are non load-bearing. Existing structural supports (concrete, steel… ) may however be enhanced by wrapping with half columns.

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Is there a minimum order quantity?

There is a minumum order of $150.00

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Can Orac Decor products be installed in humid areas or outside?

Yes, but you must use the “Hydro” adhesive ( FDP 700) with Extra fix for the joins and finish with a good quality exterior grade (UV) paint.

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Is it possible to fill the Orac Decor columns with a sand/cement mix?

Yes, it is possible to fill the columns with concrete under the following conditions:

1. Around each column, construct a shuttering or strapping prior to pouring in the mix.
2. In the bottom of the column, a hole has to be made. The column has to be filled upside down and must remain upside down whilst drying.  Filling must be done in several stages to prevent bursting.
3. The shuttering has to stay around the column, pilaster and plinth until the mix has hardened.

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Exterior Archi Columns and GRP Door Surrounds are not Orac Decor products what does this mean?

These two product categories are sourced from other suppliers, Orac Decor warranties do not apply,  to find out more about the supplier warranties for  these products please call us on 1800 271 016

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What does VOC free mean?

VOC stands for volatile organic comounds.  Many building products and furnishings are made from or treated with chemicals, these chemicals are released over time in the form of gaseous emmisions and can be damaging to your health.  People with asthma are sensitive to VOC's which can cause breathing difficulties.

To read more about the types of interior VOC's that may be harmful to your health.

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Are Luxxus and Axxent products sustainable?

Yes, our Luxxus products are hand milled and finished from hardened polyurethane, the Axxent range in Duropolymer.   These materials are produced from hydro-carbons using leading edge technology and renewable energy sources for manufacture using wind and solar energy.
To source our raw materials we do not cut down forests. Did you know that a fully grown tree can use up to 160,000 litres of water a day.   Tree roots have phenomenal suction power to source water from underground acqifers from far beyond the trees physical root system.

Trees use such large quantities of water for cooling and to assist with photosynthesis. The water is recycled back into the atmosphere from the tree leaves by a process called trans-evaporation, creating condensation and precipitation (rain). 

Deforestation causes aquifer levels to drop and cannot be restored by replanting new trees because the suction from the new plant's roots is minimal compared with forest of adult trees. 

The trans-evaporated water released into the atmosphere is also affected and stops which accelerates climate change. When aquifer levels drop beyond repair desserts replace forests.
Natural timbers used in building are still seen as eco-friendly. 

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How do synthetic products improve health and well being?

Our synthetic profiles do not contain any CFC's or VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds) they do not emit gaseous vapours that harm living creatures.

Studies have shown by retro-fitting offices with VOC free carpets, paints, furniture and fit-out productivity levels rose 40%.  Humans breathing dangerous emissions in the home and workplace put it down to just feeling off.

Synthetic products are dust free.  Traditional plaster products have been used for centuries to create decorative cornices, however old or traditional is not necessarily better because trades people that work with these products become ill from plaster dust which causes a degenerative disease call Silicosis,  plaster dust causes lung disease that is fatal.  Warnings are shown on the bags of plaster and product brochures. Synthetic products offer an alternative that improves health and well-being and interior air quality.

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